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Airfreight Services


Shipping by Air - Airpack carton

For those items you require quickly, airfreight offers a faster transit time.
Airfreight is more expensive than seafreight. However for a small quantity of items that may be required ahead of your main shipment, or more urgent consignments of smaller items Airfreight can be cost effective, many clients choose to Airfreight their baby equipment, child’s toys, computers and essential paperwork.
The cost of sending your goods via airfreight is determined by the total weight of your goods, but if you have larger outsized items, for example surfboards and bicycles, the cost may be determined by the size rather than the weight, as these goods will take up more space in the aircraft.
Simply Ship Ltd can provide a door-to-door, or door to airport service. We offer several different services to most destinations worldwide.
Your household goods once packed and wrapped at your residence, will be over cased in an Aircraft Pallet carton for extra protection and security prior to being delivered to the Airport. Airpack cartons are custom made taking careful consideration of the size of airplane hold available for each destination.
Airfreight shipments take between 10 and 14 days depending on the destination and the level of service you choose.

If you would like a quotation or further information please call Head Office 01224 744147  or complete our easy to use Quotation Request Form.
Many customers just airfreight some essentials for speed and send the remainder by sea to save money.

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Shipping container being loaded

Packer making bulkhead with approved treated wood. This is to secure the items already loaded

Now a car is being loaded and strapped down ready for shipping

The doors of the container are closed, a seal applied and any hazardous goopds labels applied


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