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Living In Canada

Copied November 2011
Written by: Niall J Rice

The many advantages of moving to Canada

The many advantages of moving to Canada

Canada has long been a welcoming country for expats wanting to forge a new life abroad. The government’s pro-immigration approach is widely publicised, the subject even being seen as an election decider - the party which outlines the most positive plans usually gaining office.

So why does Canada welcome migrants - rather than draw up plans for immigration reform or immigration caps? The simple reason is that Canada has skills shortages in most industries. Canadians, it seems, are just not procreating enough. This lack of skilled workers, and empty positions that require filling, means that they must attract immigrants from abroad.

A strong employment market
Canada’s approach to immigration is nothing new - what has changed, however, over the past two years is the state of the rest of the world.

The USA and the UK are experiencing their worst spells of unemployment for nearly 20 years. The current catastrophe engulfing Greece’s banks and subsequently other Euro nations, Spain and France included, is making things even tougher for European workers.

The result of this has seen scores of people re-evaluating their positions, not only because of the great lifestyle a move to Canada will offer (the weather for Brits and taxes for Americans) but because of necessity. While unemployment continues to grow elsewhere, Canada seems to have lost the invitation to this particular soiree amid reports of employment rising in the thousands.

A recent report by HSBC this month states that “Canada’s April employment is up 109,000; unemployment is down 0.1 percent to 8.1%.”

Healthcare another drawcard
And while there appears to be no shortage of jobs in Canada, the real draw for many Americans is the affordable and high quality healthcare. Although this notion has been heavily criticised in the US media, one might expect that there are vested interests in popularising this myth that Canada has a substandard health service when compared to the US model. However the reports from those that have lived in both countries speak glowingly about the cost and quality.

Writing on his blog, Bill Mann of the Huffington Post writes that:

“We’ve been incensed by the lies we've heard back here in the U.S. about Canada's supposedly broken system. It's not broken - and what's more, Canadians like and fiercely defend it.

Example: Our son was born at Montreal's Royal Victoria Hospital. My wife got excellent care. The total bill for three days in a semi-private room? $21.”

The country and the government no doubt mean business when it comes to making it as appealing as possible for migrants.

As recently as this month, funding of CA$320 million was announced in the province of Ontario to aid those moving to Canada. The money will be spent on building projects and developments specifically for those immigrating to Canada.

So whereas many belittle the expression “I’m moving to Canada” there are some compelling reasons to do so. After all, when have you ever seen an unhappy Canadian? In fact when have you ever seen a Canadian outside of Canada unless he’s on vacation?


Source: http://http://www.expatarrivals.com/canada/pros-and-cons-of-moving-to-canada
Pros and cons on moving to Canada

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