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Shipping Packing Hints and Tips

Wrapping Glassware

We recommend the use of cartons designed for overseas removals. Supermarket cartons or similar do not normally offer the protection that specially made shipping provide. Simply Ship's cartons are made from industrial strength cardboard and come in a range of sizes. Use the small cartons for heavy items and the larger catons for lighter items such as clothes and linen.

Remember when taping a carton together that the tape should be in a 'H' shape. This means tape alonf the the long join and then along both ends to make a H shape. Do not cross the flaps

Carton Size in CMs Best to use for:
Small = 2 cu/ft carton  33 x 33 x 46 Books, Cds, DVD,Wine bottles spirit bottles
Large = 4cu/ft carton   46 x 46 x 50 Clothing, China, Glass ornaments, PC things
Tall = 6cu/ft carton  46 x 46 x 75 Duvets, pillows, blankets. toys, light weight clothing, cushions
Long = Layflat carton  91 x 46 x 26  For clothing you wish to lay flat, curtains. coats, shoes

 Remember to use lots of packing paper to both wrap and to pad out the carton as you are packing it. Crumpled paper should be used to cushion the bottom of the carton before you put items in and also cushion the sides.

Plates should be stacked vertically as if they are in a dish drainer, glasses and stemware should be placed in an upright position.

Fill all cartons to the top without overfilling. If you do not fill to the top or finish to the top with crushed paper there is a danger the cartons will crumple if other items are put on top of the carton in the container. You can use towels, blankets or clothes to finish off the tope of the carton.

Heavy items should be at the bottom of the carton with lighter things stacked on top.

Seal the carton when finished in the same way as the bottom.

Mark the carton with your name and destination on the top and if possible put your name on the sides, Also please put a general description of contents on the top. e.g. China and Glassware, or Childs Toys.

Our local office will advise if you are not sure. Our local offices also provide cartons - please ask for information.

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+61(0)8 6260 1461

Shipping container being loaded

Packer making bulkhead with approved treated wood. This is to secure the items already loaded

Now a car is being loaded and strapped down ready for shipping

The doors of the container are closed, a seal applied and any hazardous goopds labels applied


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