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Moving to America - Statue of Liberty New York

Shipping to the USA

Very competitive rates to all of USA

Simply Ship International has weekly shipments to the United States of America. We have our partners strategically placed to enable us to provide a smooth effective service. Whether you are shipping to California, shipping to Florida or New York we can help. Please give us a try.

To obtain an online quote for shipping to USA
 please click here: Get Quotation

or email: info@simplyship.co.uk

Alternatively our head office team are waiting to assist you:

Scotland Office 01224 744147
Shipping to the USA - Information
Full Container Loads (FCL) to USA
Airfreight to USA
Baggage Shipping to USA
Less than a container load/Groupage/part loads
Importing Personal and Household effects into the USA

Removal goods that consist of used household effects which have been in the owners use and possession abroad for at least a year prior to importation into the USA will be allowed Duty Free entry.
Household goods shipments should not arrive prior to the owner’s arrival date. US customs will not clear the goods until the shipper/owners arrival.
Documents Required

Copy of Visa
Copy of Passport (photograph Page)
US Customs form C3299 (Importers Declaration)
US Customs Supplemental Declaration For Unaccompanied Personal & Household Effects
Power of Attorney Form
Inventory / Packing List

Prohibited Goods
Generally it is not advisable to ship the following items:

Inflammable goods and substances
Firearms and Ammunition
Foodstuffs, perishable or otherwise
Alcohol, narcotics and dangerous goods
Transit Times for Shipping to USA

Groupage – share a container service to East Coast allow 5-10 weeks door to door

Groupage – share a container service to West Coast allow 8-12 weeks door to door

Sole use containers East Coast 12 days Port to Port

Sole use containers West Coast 30 days Port to Port

Transit times do vary depending on customs or immigration delays, weather conditions, time of year and the volumes being shipped. For up to date information please contact your local Simply Ship office.
Customs Clearance
Customs clearance will take between 5 to10 days, and will depend upon the volumes at customs,

01224 744147
+61(0)8 6260 1461

Shipping container being loaded

Packer making bulkhead with approved treated wood. This is to secure the items already loaded

Now a car is being loaded and strapped down ready for shipping

The doors of the container are closed, a seal applied and any hazardous goopds labels applied


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