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Furniture before wrapping


Export wrapped furniture

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Storing in UK or Destination

Storage warehouse


It may be neccessary to store your furniture and effects prior to shipping in which case all of our depot have the facilities to help. The most popular method of furniture storage in the UK is in wooden containers as shown above. These containers are kept inside clean well kept warehouses.

Alternatively, you may require storage at your destination country. If so we can arrange the storage of your belongings for you either prior to your effects leaving or even after they have arrived.

Please talk to us if you think you may require storage.

If storing at destination please remember to tell your insurance company.

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Shipping container being loaded

Packer making bulkhead with approved treated wood. This is to secure the items already loaded

Now a car is being loaded and strapped down ready for shipping

The doors of the container are closed, a seal applied and any hazardous goopds labels applied


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