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When you arrive in Australia

Posted November 2011
Written by: Australian Government

Moving to Australia

The day you come to Australia can be very full and a load to cope with because so much is new and different. You have just had a long journey along and with many other people; you must now complete some important tasks. Here is some information that will help you with these tasks.

On arrival

The first step to enter Australia is at the immigration desk. You will need your passport with visa and Incoming Passenger Card. The official there records your arrival and returns your papers to you. You then collect your baggage, which Australian Customs and Border Protection Service officers may check. They look for prohibited goods or items that have not been declared.

This is the end of official checks and you are now in the arrivals hall. This is where your family, friends or sponsor can greet you. This is where you can also change money, get transport and arrange short-term accommodation. There may be an arrivals information desk to provide answers to your questions.

You will need local cash soon so this is a good time to change money. Common usage is $20, $10 and $5 notes and $2 and $1 coins. The exchange rate varies often and you will pay a commission.

Travel from arrival point

If you are travelling on to another destination on the same day, you may want to transfer to a domestic air terminal or to a train/coach terminal. Airline staff members can assist you with transfer to a domestic terminal but you will need to get to the train/coach terminus by public transport.

You may wish to hire a car. You will need a driver's licence and there may be other restrictions. Talk to the staff at car rental booths for more help. The location of public transport such as taxi, bus and maybe train, will be signposted and a worker may be on duty to help with directions.


If you have not already booked somewhere to stay, you can do so at the airport. The cost and quality can vary greatly. Some accommodation places will provide a transfer for you. Seek help from staff at the arrivals information desk.


Source: http://http://www.immi.gov.au/living-in-australia/choose-australia/moving-to-australia/when-you-arrive.htm
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